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Dress like a parisian

Dress like a parisian (signed copy)


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My parisian guide to never lack inspiration when getting dressed!

From colors, to prints, fabrics and shape, I break down all the tricks to be stylish without needing tons of clothes.
It's like a Parisian recipe book for style!

How to wear black, how to wear red...
How to combine fabrics, how to combine prints
What shape for your body, how to balance a silhouette?

Exclusive : my bodytype advice does NOT use the traditional (may I say "obsolete") apple or letter qualifications. Because nobody fits in a box, I suggest style tricks for each body characteristic YOU have.

It's full of pictures and beautifully illustrated by Judith van den Hoek

And according to my publisher I am really witty.
But that you know if you read me, don't you?

If you order here, you'll get a signed copy of the book with my pretty handwriting and I'll post it to you from Paris to your mailbox with love <3
(Plus I'll get more money than if you buy somewhere else ^^)

240 pages hardcover book